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Our Wibit Water Parks in British Columbia

Our gold-standard water parks are the best in British Columbia. Buy your pass now or click to learn more about the park!


Splash water parks are giant 100 to 180 person floating playgrounds, boasting climbing walls, monkey bars, slides, trampolines and more! Splash takes great pride in pushing customers out of their comfort zone and creating memorable, highlight-of-the-summer experiences of fun and laughter!

Can you make it through the obstacle course? Bounce, laugh, SPLASH and join the fun! Visit either of our locations in Ontario or BC to beat the heat and get your SPLASH on this summer!


Fun for Everyone! Including the Lifeguards

15 of us went (kids and parents) and took advantage of the large group pricing. Lots of fun and opportunities to test your balance and strength. At one point some teenagers took out the lifeguards, which was a little unnerving. The kids weren't kicked off or anything, so it kind of felt unsafe as they were wrestling everywhere. Great helpful staff, both out on the water and at the ticket tent.

– Mick B. | TripAdvisor
Lots of fun!! Lots of work

We spent an evening here (take advantage of the discounted evening rate) and we all had a blast. The oldest (8) had no problems tackling the obstacles. The younger 2 (4&6) needed a bit of help. It is slippery and you will fall in. If you're an adult, be prepared to help every other kids who falls in and can't get up. My arms were very tired by the end of the evening. Will definitely be back again.

– Greg N. | TripAdvisor
Best part of the trip!!

Went to wibit in Kelowna with 3 families with kids ranging from 5-14. It's expensive but super fun and we stayed for almost 6hrs. EVERYONE had a great time, especially the 3 adult men!! A must do when visiting Kelowna. We r all from Saskatchewan and haven't done anything like this before.

– Christy S. | TripAdvisor
Great day of fun

7, 9, 12 and 40 year old. We all loved it. We spent most of the day 10:00am - 2:30pm. Yes it can be difficult in some areas, but with life jackets supplied, no need to worry.. Excellent fun filled day, thanks Kelowna Wibit.

– Cameron T. | TripAdvisor


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